Frame Correction & Alignment

Vehicle Frame Repair

In about half of collisions there is some degree of frame damage. It could just be the bumper mounting member that's bent of the damage could be extensive enough to require the replacement of a part or all of a frame rail. Frame repair not only involves restoring frame components to their original dimensions, but also to their original strength. Where metal is bent it becomes hardened in the bend where the molecules are pushed together. Through a process called stress relief, the molecules are arranged back to their original configuration and the steel is restored to its original strength.

This type of repair is done on a frame machine which is a platform onto which the vehicle can be clamped. It uses hydraulic rams which will pull with a force of up to 20,000 lbs, to straighten your vehicles frame. Along with the devices for pulling, a measuring system is utilized. Our system uses a laser and reflective targets which are accurate to within one millimeter to monitor the dimensions of the vehicle (height, width and length) during the pull. Once the frame has been restored to its original condition, all other parts will fit and the wheels will align correctly.

Premium Auto Collision’s trained technicians are specifically trained to repair your frame in a precise and efficient manner.